Merrell Pop Up Shop

Merrell is an outdoor clothes and footwear brand, which for 30 years has been making durable clothes and shoes for the outdoor adventurer.

We wanted to see if we could expand the audience of Merrell and speak to a more youthful and urban audience. I collaborated with an interior designer to create a pop up shop and accompanying promotional materials. We were keen to get across the durability of the Merrell shoes and so decided to create a “test factory” where people could see just how durable the shoes are. We wanted to communicate this idea that these are shoes that are suitable for all occasions and can keep up with your active life. This was accompanied by the social media campaign “#these shoes can”.

My role on the project

  • Collaborating on initial concept creation of the pop up shop and promotional materials.
  • Creating the graphic style and accompanying language.
  • Designing the website and how the pop up shop could translate into a digital campaign.
  • Designing graphic elements for the pop up shop interior