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Giving young people the confidence to choose their own path

For 125 years, JLGB have been supporting, mentoring and inspiring young Jewish people across the UK with their current range of programmes from weekly groups to youth camps and volunteering awards. Whilst their heritage meant they were well known, their visual brand no longer reflected their mission and values.

The aim for the new brand was to engage directly with young adults and be digital first, which included creating a digital platform for their young leaders to share information and ideas across the country. My task was to lead the design team and help create the brand from initial concepts through to final implementation.

Identities forged through experiences

The brand is centred around identity and the way that the experiences and activities you do as part of your JLGB journey are what make you unique. It is a celebration of each young person’s individuality as well as the activities that connect this diverse group. Experiences are each depicted as a brightly coloured line, which then flow together as part of that person’s ongoing journey. The line device is central to the visual language, working in a multitude of ways and at different scales to depict the experiences of these young people.

A new digital presence

A large part of this rebrand was also helping shift the organisation to being digital first. This included a complete overhaul and restructuring of their existing website. Working closely with our team of developers, we reorganised all the content on the website and developed new user journeys for their audiences, to help them engage much more clearly and effectively.

FUEL the leaders of tomorrow

As well as their main website JLGB also wanted to create FUEL, a digital platform for their youth leaders. This would be an online space where they can manage their weekly group, create and share activities, host events, etc. For this we went for a more simplified aesthetic than the main website, focussing much more on functionality. As part of this we also designed a number of bespoke modules to ensure that every element was really tailored to the needs of the young leaders.

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