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Stanbic IBTC Annual Report 2019

Each year Stanbic IBTC, one of Nigeria’s largest banks produce an large annual report and accompanying documents, which tell the story of the company's progress over the past year. The design of the report aims to reflect the values and ambitions of the bank, with a unique design being created each year, in accordance with the parent company brand guidelines.

Illustrating the vision of Stanbic IBTC

For this year's design we wanted to take a step back from the detailed data and look at the big picture. We wanted to illustrate the vision of Stanbic IBTC, and how they aim to build success within Nigeria, by combining graphic data points and lines with photography.

As part of the production of the annual report, one team member to art direct photoshoots with a professional photographer on site in Lagos, Nigeria, which I did in 2018. This was an opportunity to photograph the bank, their staff and the city to reflect the vision and concept of the report that year.

A precision production

As lead designer on this project, it was my role to oversee the design an production of the 300 page annual report and the two accompanying documents, the Analytical report and the Sustainability report, to ensure consistency across all aspects of the design. As part of this I also worked closely with the printers to ensure a high quality and consistent finish across all the documents

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