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Transforming the way organisations perceive and interact with their audiences

Synamedia, the world's largest provider of video solutions for pay TV operators, wanted to create a digital campaign to promote their new data analysis product, Clarissa.

Too often companies would use assumptions about different audience groups that did not accurately reflect reality. Synamedia wanted to highlight the variety within their audiences interests to emphasise the importance of data analytics when creating optimised and personalised video experiences for customers.

Illustrating the unexpected

For this campaign I really wanted to showcase the uniqueness and individuality of audience members. I wanted to defy expectations and seterotypes by demonstrating just how varied and sometimes unexpected their interests are.

I did this by splitting each character into two halves, with a flip book style format that allowed us to show the two very different interests held by each person. I deliberately chose a tongue in cheek, photography style for this campaign so as to challenge expectations in a playful and upbeat manner.

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