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Transform Awards 2017, Silver Award

Created whilst working at

Spencer duBois

Inspiring change through volunteering

Volunteering Matters is a charity, who work with and support a diverse range of individuals and communities across the nation. With a name and brand that were no longer working for them, they wanted help creating a new identity, finding a new name and discovering new ways to engage with their audience. This project won Silver at the 2017 Transform Awards for Best brand development project to reflect changed mission/values/position.

A new name for a new direction

Working closely with the strategy team, I helped create the name and logo for Volunteering Matters. Their previous name Community Service Volunteering (CSV) no longer worked for them and they needed a name that had confidence and reflected the wide range of people they worked with.

I felt the strength in the name was the way it worked on its own but could also be part of a sentence. I developed the different straplines that sat with the logo to personalise it to different groups within their audience. This allowed them to connect and engage with their different audience groups much more effectively.

Bringing people together to create positive change

The logo is made up of interlocking arrows reflecting the way that volunteering benefits the volunteer and the person or cause being supported, equally. The all-caps type within the arrows create a striking lockup, with the subtle texture reflecting the grassroots quality of a lot of the work they do.

“The visual identity of a simple, strong arrow-based logo conveys the sense of direction and positive change that volunteering brings to individuals”

— Oonagh Aitken, Chief Executive of Volunteering Matters

Building their new identity

The arrows from the logo became a central device within the brand, representing collaboration as well as reflecting success through forward moving graphics. These were then combined with bold typographic statements that aimed to inspire people to take part in volunteering initiatives. In addition to the headline copy, statistics were also used to emphasise the benefits of volunteering that people have experienced.

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